Danrunn Mission Report: Day 11


It is now 11 days since my departure from Norbrecht, 5 days since we slew the band of giants. The elvish fisherfolk of Teln seem more amicable toward the dwarven race for our stay, partly since we helped rebuild somewhat after the skirmish with those blockheaded giants – I can think of no other contributions. Again: if anyone sees a gem embedded in an eye socket, they are not to touch even the body of such a creature unless they be of strong will, and even then their mind should be bolstered and guarded against divers enchantments. Most of the villagers of Teln are newly dead for taking these gems: I heard many screams echoing throughout the hamlet, only to see corpses fall to the gound when I exited the tavern we were staying in; it seems that these stones – becoming mere shells – melted the brains of those who took them. I assume this was conjured as the event occured simlutaneously across the community. I spoke with a cloaked, hooded figure with a tattoo over his eye that looked something like this: II . He told me that he was instrumental in the gems’ creation – given their alarming frequency I can only assume this is ongoing – and that he can see through any of the gems he pleases. Apparently the gems allow some to percieve auras. The enchantment surrounding these stones is strong.

3 times now members of our party have ventured into what I can only describe as a ‘dreamspace’ – each time to fight a battle – yet the spoils (mostly goblin filth) have appeared on our wake amongst us. The most recent of these encounters – of which I was not part – alloted us some gold, and a stone statue. The statue most closely resembles an over-sized serpentine gargoyle, and appears to be cursed. I’ve yet to notice any ill effect on myself while it is around; but it repeatedly appears in our camp whenever we stop to rest. Despite some study of the statue, it never seems to move, though my attentions have been diverted to a number of other things that this matter is not currently a priority.

Also, the Momba House has proven to be in league with, if not a front for, {Elite Assassin’s Guild}.

Finally, I hereby place a requisition for the following: a message stone – or other secure communications device, I’m sure our terramages can find the time to send one of those my way; also a mage or mage apprentice as I’m afraid I cannot trust those with whom I’m currently associated; and lastly any pertinant information about the gems – I’m sending words from Wysharna to aid your study, about this statue – which I’ve roughly sketched, or about Momba House or {Elite Assassin’s Guild}.

Signed: Ulfgar, son of Tungar, of the clan Danrunn, Tunnel Crew


Zodiac Gems rhyme:
“Fallen Stars granted haven
out of the night
help plunge the close shaven
into world’s former plight”

Danrunn Mission Report: Day 11

“Serpentine gargoyle” sketch description:

Look up the standard blue dragon in the Monster Manual I (D&D 3.5): it looks something like that.

Danrunn Mission Report: Day 11

A message stone will be arriving shortly, Ulfgar son of Tungar, as we follow your journey with great interest. Our clerics have begun casting divinations on Momba House, as you suggested, and have returned completely blank; this is most interesting information you’ve turned up.

We have had our own encounters with these…Zodiac gems, none good. Every single dwarf overcome by these stones was reduced to mumbling a rhyme much like yours:
“Fallen stars granted haven
By realm’s highest right
help plunge the close shaven
into world’s former plight.”

By all means, tunnel to the truth of this.

—Horvath, Son of Meidgar, of the clan Danrunn, Tunnel Crew

Danrunn Mission Report: Day 11

OOC:: I’ve forgotten the name of the Assassin’s Guild, though I remember you mentioning it – I can’t find it in my notes; Ulfgar would’ve remembered though. /::

Danrunn Mission Report: Day 11

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