Danrunn Mission Report: Day 16

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away

It has been over two weeks now since our party left Norbrecht. Already we have reached the doorstep of our goal: the real quest begins. As we approached, however, things took a most unexpected turn. Apparently a most exotic craft has run afoul of our world, and from it has spewed many creatures of considerable abilities: I welcome the battle. The ship in question was transporting an astral diva who as of yet is known to me only as The Emprix. We barely reached the outskirts of the city when the lady and her escort came fleeing towards us from these creatures – stunted minotaurs really – which we readily dispatched. Taking then the shortest path to her crashed vessel, the outer road north, we came to an ambush. One of these Vrill, as they’re called, was possessed of the magical ability to compel his enemies to flee. Wysharna’s disciple has managed to tame one of the lizards of the plains, a formidable beast, which was unaffected by this compulsion, and managed to hold the vrill at bay until we rallied. Unfortunately during these mere moments another party managed to arrest the Emprix and take her into the city. We managed to subdue one of their number however, and from him learned their location (via the infamous Dwarven rock technique). I then sent Wilde to investigate their holdings: he proved not only untrustworthy, but incompetent to the task as well. He has shown a disturbing affinity for the enemy, and I now suspect his treachery is greater still. Request: a thorough investigation of his prior dealings and associations.
The skirmish with the bandit clan, while impromptu was fortuitous in that they had no outposts. Mr. Wilde somehow mingled with the bandits while we organized, thank Kole for their competence. Mr. Lucius had previously convinced the bandits of his good intentions – though it is now clear that his loyalty has a price – and so surprised them when the monk, who had been tied to his leg, and subsequently knocked unconscious, awoke and committed suicide. Mr. Lucius has informed me that the monk attacked the bandits, apparently trying to prove something, without coordinating with him. To his credit, he seems to have taken down at least one of the bandits for us on his own.
I next found Mr. Wilde sitting in the blaze of the alchemist’s fire, clearly not wishing to be there; I dislodged him on my way to the Emprix’ screams. After vanquishing her torturers and quickly tending to her wounds, thanks to the water that was present, I stood guard while the raptoran prepared to evacuate our casualty through the ceiling. However, the remnants of the bandit clan seemed preoccupied with an ogre that had been magically sent. There is an increasingly complex network of interests surrounding the Emprix. The alchemist, the Emprix, and I were isolated, yet fortified, in the abandoned hovel of a wizard.

Signed: Ulfgar, son of Tungar, of the clan Danrunn, Tunnel Crew



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