Danrunn Mission Log: Day 19

Deities & Dragons

As the actions of Mr. Wilde became increasingly suspicious I was forced to return the Avian Falcon with the last report; on account of the fact that “shortly” has yet to come, I’ve taken to keeping a log of events until it arrives; thankfully the circumstances have not prohibited this undertaking thus far. I hope that “shortly” comes sooner rather than later, for a number of urgent events have transpired which I must report.

It is now 3 days since the last installment; I have thus far failed to report a most unusual addition to our group, and acquaintance of the Emprix; a monkey who apparently pilots the diva’s enchanted vessel. This only because my interaction with him has been minimal and not unprofitable, and thus warranted further time before a more complete report could be made. However, the most important events transpired on the second of these days. As we made our exit from the city’s north gate, the cursed statue appeared again, at a major intersection; it fell from the sky and formed a large crater where once a solid oak had stood within the north city limits. Many lightnings did strike at the crater, and the statue within, until the statue shed itself as a shell, unveiling a live replica of the gargoyle. At this point I managed to get everyone back inside a building we had made camp in; the abandoned wizard’s hovel to be specific, and apparently unseen. The two exceptions to this were the incompetent Wilde who teleported directly in front of the monster, and the unfortunate space monkey who offered to investigate the situation and caught the monster’s attention once Mr. Wilde fell unconscious. It became apparent that the monkey had previously developed a friendship with the beast in spite of his short sojourn here, albeit a tenuous and awkward one. The creature spoke Common and introduced itself as the Dragon Lord Felnich. Along with our cleric of Wysharna, the monkey has negotiated a tentative ‘friendship’ between the dragon and our party. It further seems that contingent on this the monkey offered a fruit it calls a banana, and claims was a god, to the dragon, and now Felnich is a god also; of what caliber remains to be seen. The apparent ease with which the monkey changes his loyalties concerns me. Felnich has also changed his scales from blue to copper; a transition that was accompanied by the sound of panpipes. During this episode we retained an elven acquaintance whose resume is impressive, for a human, if mercenary.

The evening prior to this Mr. Lucius and I had escaped with the Emprix from the temple outpost; after searching the hovel thoroughly and surveying the terrain we agreed that Lucius would scout ahead, as it was easier for me to lower him from a rope than vice versa, and since he had the advantage in stealth. Very soon after I heard a commotion just down the street, and took to the roof for a better view. It seems that a mass of undead were shambling about the streets, and our comrades had stumbled upon us by accident, the street had also been set ablaze; given the alchemist’s propensity for starting fires, I can only guess how this one started. Since it seems to have affected only the surface of the main boulevards, I’m confident that no dwarven assets were risked. Nevertheless I managed to shuffle a quick fire-break on one edge of the blaze, after dispatching some undead that had cut off Mr. Lucius. An undead that most resemles the ancient dead for its burial wrappings managed to escape us, but not before infecting our musical friend with a malady that Wysharna’s disciple seems unable to cure. I shall have to ask the magicians if they know of any poultices that might alleviate this ailment, her song has been less cheerful of late. It’s a shame the day didn’t come sooner, the light may have diverted such a tragedy; interesting that it came as soon as it did, however, accompanied by the music of panpipes. I’ll have to inquire of our bard what insight she may have into these events. Among the local ruins I had the opportunity to discover one of the old dining halls, and evidence of four nobles from four of the dwarven clans. I’ve also found an iron ring in the abandoned wizard’s hovel with simple dwarven runes on it: I feel more centered when wearing it; I’m sure a wizard would know more, unfortunately I’ve none at hand whom I can trust. Today’s adventure was more mundane, if only because nothing seems to surprise me anymore. The way to the Emprix’s ship lead us into another forest, in which we encountered a group of disease-ridden creatures whose only threat was to spew the contents of their boils on us. Rather disgusting, but nothing worse than any battle-hardened soldier has faced. Blessed is Kole for the iron constitution he has bestowed upon us.

Signed: Ulfgar, son of Tungar, of the clan Danrunn, Tunnel Crew



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