Danrunn Mission Log: Day 20

Out of the Frying Pan ....

The situation is growing increasingly worse. I had hoped that a roguish type from another world might deviate from the norm, but this – space monkey – has demonstrated a disturbing propensity for dishonesty and possibly treachery. We encountered a druid in the forest north of Norfeld, as we’ve been forced to take a detour for the sake of all that we hold dear. This druid claims to be some sort of fungus deity – Kaze is his name – though his knowledge seems lacking for a deity, he claims to be unable to see the doings of other gods, which makes some sense, but his vision seems more limited still. I maintain my doubts in this regard. Whatever he is, he is extremely powerful, and is not to be underestimated, though I’ve yet to suspect reason for violent confrontation. As a matter of fact, Kaze healed our minstrel of her debilitation; something called mummy rot, in which the dust of frog bones was a component of the cure – I don’t assume the necrotic magic animating these particular bones affected the healing properties of the concoction. Of greater importance is the fact that the monkey has an uncanny relationship with the newly ascendent dragon Felnich; having removed his helmet just prior to this installment, I observed that he has lost the fur on his head – it seems he’s lost all of his fur actually – and now bears a tattoo over his skin that resembles scale mail, his skin most notably is now purple. More troubling is the fact that he breathed a gulf of flame which wholly consumed a chimera – a beast I understand to be very dangerous, though I know little more than it’s description: a winged beast with 3 head: a goat, a dragon, and a lion, with clawed feet, furry body, and the tail of a serpent. I know the monkey is witholding information from me, most certainly related to Felnich, and probably of critical importance to Nor. I suspect he’s not the only one with crucial knowledge. At least three of the party has thus far proven trustworthy, I shall have to review the events of our venture with them.

All of this monkey business is made worse by the fact that the light has yet to return; apparently there is an Agarican prophecy about the rise of darkness, and of Agarica – Agarica is a borderless fungus nation that Kaze represents – being preceded by actions which we, alas, may have had part in, which implicates that deathly times are ahead. The fire from my previous entry apparently spread throughout the city of Norfeld. On the bright side I imagine a number of the undead and other miscreants were caught unawares, making any reclaimation efforts easier; a contingent of Tunnel Crew could easily undertake the project even in this darkness. In any event, it seems that in order to prevent undue loss of life we must see the Emprix safely to her ship, or vast, terrible forces may be brought against us.



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