Danrunn Mission Log: Day 22

There's no place like Nor

The Emprix of Deva saga has now concluded; Nor is safe, from that danger at any rate. I must note that the Emprix compelled me to serve by some powerful magical charm. This power makes me wonder at her motives, for a being such as she should have known that I would have helped her, since it really wasn’t much more trouble than I would have faced anyway. Yet she has left me with a gift, one which is … valuable. The knowledge that I’ve been a pawn of some liege other than my king quickly motivated me to dismiss the Emprix; but the reason I did so was not revenge, nor any other but Nor itself. Nor is safe from at least some of our potential foes, and may have some new protection from forces beyond our means – though we must be wary the cost, and the intentions of these feyish Deva.

Our final encounter was rather disappointing. It seems that some foul magician had been animating the corpses of vrill – the same perverse mind that saw fit to sew flesh together and hallucinate their disgusting mating habits. He was easily dispatched by the efforts of our new arboreal scout and avian bard, whose fondness of chaos unsettles me – though this time it was amusing I must admit. I’ve discovered that she came into possession of a set of wondrous but chaotic pipes, which seem responsible for a number of minor phenomena affecting us, such as the changing of colors and substances. Most recently it turned the Emprix’s ship into a whale; which would have been less amusing hade it prevented us from achieving our goal. Willaby Wilde went missing during the fight, completely disappeared and has yet to be found, none of the rest of our party claims to have seen him. I must admit that his desertion does not surprise me. I suspect he planned to abandon us to the evil mage – his master even, since Wilde has taken to conducting profane magics, but I am surprised that he did not even choose to attack us when he had the advantage of a fellow sorcerer to assist him. Perhaps he meant for us to end this mage to his own purposes, or perhaps it is yet another of his strategic blunders. In any event, the unknown mage’s purpose is yet a mystery, I’ve not had time to question an associate of his who surrendered to us. She seems pliant enough. The mage had at his disposal a displacer beast as well. I had reason to believe it might have been imprisoned, and so asked our cleric if she might be able to free the monster from the mage’s control, being wont to risk our party needlessly, and on the hunch that it might improve relations between whatever clan it might have had and the rest of intelligent beings in Nor. I was partly mistaken; the beast had been conjured and was not native, but our cleric managed to tame it nonetheless, and thus did not present a risk to us as we dealt with its foul master. I am disappointed, as I’ve yet to see a decent challenge of late. Perhaps Kaze would oblige me with some sport.

Now then, the monkey pilot of the Emprix’s ship has opted to remain with us. He demonstrates a free-spiritedness that is somewhat refreshing, and a desire to generally do good by others which is heartening, but also a distinct secrecy that is unnerving, and amplifies the dubious nature of his new loyalties. The treasure we found I staked but a modest claim to, in anticipation of larger finds in Norfeld of peculiarly dwarven interest. If I am unable to consult my superiors prior to such a find, I have resolved at my discretion to reserve some of the most important artifacts in such a find, and permit my faithful comrades to possess one other item of their choosing in appreciation for their assistance, leaving the reserved artifacts and the other dwarven treasure as the reclaimation for Norheim.



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