Danrunn Mission Report: Day 6

Ships Storms and Prisons, Liches and some Giants

I disembarked one week after my arrival in Norbrecht with the adventurers: Luscious Lucius, Willaby Wilde, Ivan the monk, Estrella d’Arbit, and Featherfoot the raptoran. A bridge is out; we hired masons to rrepiuldt it. I am currently wary of Mr. Wilde: a skulk who, after a sahuagin skirmish, tried to surct one of their treasures: a stone emitting an array of colours; having agreed to divide all spoils evenly-he threw the stone into the sea; I have knot duturmihed to press charges; I am unimpressed with his usefulness as hell. The monk had left, but returned by magic as we neared Dechma Prison, the condition of which is abhorrent; all of the convicts have now escaped; most are seafood. One notable prisoner is free: Gregori Nachez. He timed a riot for the Momba caravan’s annual stop. The prison docks were empty when we found them. At the request of the chief magistrate of Momba House Norbrecht-a kyhdy man with a fine green cloak, I have notified them of this event separately. We departed the island with the Momba caravan and landed on the coast at Teln slaying a 5 giant band; 30 elves survived the attack; 3 saved from the wreckage. Any creature or corpse found with a gem in one of their eyes must be handled only by one of strong will; seal the gems in a lead box. I will send more information.

Signed: Ulfgar, son of Tungar, of the clan Danrunn, Tunnel Crew



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