Getting to Norbrecht

The story so far...

The Story so far— (Adventure the First, Part One: Introductions.)

Willaby Wilde, an Eladrin magi-cum-bartender whose house and parents were burned to the ground while he was away, came to the city seeking work; this new concept has begun to take its toll on the ne’er-do-well.

A Human raised by unwilling Elves came to the city without really knowing why; after having done so, though, she discovered a Calling.

A ?Lawyer? showed up in Norbrecht and was immediately given the finest of clothes, a cushy job, and a death threat.

A young monk, recently reunited with his parents in the city, has decided he wishes to become a merchant in order to learn the ways of the world.

A boy raised by Blink Dogs met up with a mage of some repute, who has taken him under his wing; they are on their way to Norbrecht.

A mysterious figure did mysterious things!

Another mysterious figure did even more mysterious things!

Who are these mysterious figures? Only their creators could say, because they’ve been lazy and haven’t finished a character description yet. :D



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