The 5th Day of Darkness

The King is Dead: Long Live the King!

Following the death of the king, a lengthy discussion took place to determine the next King of Nor, which despite its brevity involved much “Rabble rabble rabble”-ing. Though the Eladrin secretly deny it, they eloquently maintained that a dwarf should retain the throne since he was not slain but for misfortune, and they were yet a long-lived and far-seeing race that tended to be the most neutral, racially speaking. More specifically the Danrunn clan was nominated, and the crown fell to Garix Danrunn, great-great uncle to Ulfgar Danrunn.

Babycakes, Wysharna’s Favored Soul in Nor, was balefully polymorphed into a turtle and absconded by a trio of ruffians. After her pet thunderlizard and velociraptor coordinated her retrieval, the thunderlizard conjured a Thunder Dome in which he summoned a number of thunder beasts, and Babycakes was again polymorphed into a half-devil, subsequently terrorizing the villagers. The raptor decided to lunch on a farmer’s cow, and Babycakes cajoled the farmer into letting the matter go (via her new form) when he decided to stand his ground – he fled.

Featherfoot spent the day distracting her kidnapper from his primary target: the Favored Soul of Wysharna – he has apparently become infatuated with her.

Luscious Lucius was enticed (half-seduced) into visiting the local “alchemists” guild, whereupon he was Dominated by the vampire, and instructed to bring his friends along one-by-one. So he went to the castle.

A band of goblins headed by a mage-apparent with a tiefling rogue and dragonborn paladin for cohorts approached the gates to Norheim seeking entry. Ulfgar arrived on the scene and denied them access, interrogating them (sans stones) at length. A captain of the guard, almost by possession, poisoned a good steak in an attempt to kill the goblin leader – he has since been reported for dishonorable conduct and wasting good steak.

Ulfgar met Lucius at the castle, and postponed following him to the “alchemists” guild until he could file a report. Upon telling a seer about the recent goblin incursion, the seer suffered major trauma and collapsed – subsequently vanishing (none saw the goblin teleport in & out). Discovering this, Ulfgar went to the Council of Seers, meeting with Elias (the vampire) and telling him of the situation. The vampire Dominated Ulfgar (barely), freeing Lucius, planted a fireball on him, and commanded him to charge into the council to deliver his message, whereupon the fireball detonated, incinerating the council (despite all odds). Ulfgar sent for the guards and family of the council, and his new gnomish cohort.

As Lucius arrived, Elias (the vampire) commanded Ulfgar to confess to the massacre, which he did, albeit very unconvincingly on account of his poor capacity for bluffing. Lucious then attacked the vampire, but for naught: the vampire used his domination to pit the two friends against one another, and the dame who had previously led Lucius to the guild was wont to interfere – she seemed to enjoy the sport of it. Lucius instead ran for the guard; Ulfgar maintained his orders to “defend” to the letter. He then followed his orders to “go after” Lucius, to the letter. Catching up to Lucius in the guard room – after Lucius had plenty of time to inform the guards of the situation (dwarves moving more slowly than humans) – the dwarf requested that the alchemist return with him. Elias arrived on the scene, accusing the human of killing the council; Ulfgar pointed out that the vampire had said he did it; the vampire facepalmed and fled.

Lucius talked the guard into following his chase of the vampire (though Ulfgar had yet to hear Elias referred to as such), and tracked the vampire to its home, entering with Babycakes, who arrived on scene. The cleric burned the vampire half to death, as did the alchemist, forcing it into its gaseous form, whence Lucius applied his satchel of Dust of Dryness, and they Blessed some water and forced the vampire dust to absorb the holy water, destroying it.

The monkey & the lich aspring continued their adventure through the Tomb of Horrors, and would have irrevocably died (by slime) but for the awakening of the chronomancer. It seems this once powerful, enigmatic mage has forgotten much of his former power. Will he too side with the forces of evil and the Dragon Lord Felnich?

Felnich has apparently eaten 3 deities now, including Lumen & Kole, and at least one king.



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