The Turmoil Begins

A guest log

Hopefully the GM will edit this to include anything I may have missed …

The party, less one budding lich, was recalled to Norheim by the King himself, where they were granted freedom to move about the city while recent events were to be sorted out.

One by one they were called by the Luminary of Truth who questioned them on their findings. Otherwise, the party went each their separate ways, for the most part.

The favored Soul of Wysharna, recently renamed Babycakes, went with her pets (she now has four, including a mountain lion and a displacer beast) and Featherfoot down Queen’s St. to the intersection of King’s Way where there was a bardic college the latter sought. Along the way they found an armorer whe turned out, it seems, to be rather presumptuous, and they departed, the favored soul more than a bit put off by the offense against her good courtesy. The dwarves apparently seem not to care too much about dealings within their walls. The pair also discovered that Wysharna had a tree on Queen’s a ways beyond King’s Way – one of the few haven’s of light left in Nor. When confronted by the common bondage of the Dragonborn, Babycakes sought guidance on whether she should do something about it, which Wysharna apparently advised against. Yet they were promised an opportunity to save the world – which they apparently wanted to do, and so were kidnapped by unknown kidnappers.

A while later the alchemist Luscious Lucius made his own way down Queen’s, arriving at the same armorer, and after conversing with the smith made away with some handy goods.

The monkey of Felnich upon being questioned by the Luminary was imprisoned, but escaped, killing the King of Nor in the process, he has discovered a Chaos Diamond, and a legend that says it is matched with a number of others that when combined will yield unlimitable power. After escaping the city above ground it seems that Felnich teleported his favored acolyte to some distant subterranean complex.

While all this was going on the dwarf Ulfgar did lots of boring stuff that may or may not have involved other dwarves, his logs and reports may be consulted for more detail.

The budding lich, Willaby Wilde, having gained the favor of Orcus, who has decided to carry Nor on his back, for some reason (perhaps it is forced?), was sent to an ancient demi-lich’s crypt to discover those secrets for himself. After scaling the stone mound he discovered it’s grisly visage, but also a fellow necromancer with a band (instruments and all) of skeletons, they together endeavored to breach the trapped passages of the tomb within.



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