I have very poor social skills, a crazy unarmed agile fighting style, instincts that allow me to survive in the wilderness, and a very strong (if entirely inappropriate) code of moral behavior.

11 Str, 15 Dex, 13 Con, 10 Int, 11 Wis, 9 Cha,


I was abandoned in the wild and raised by blink dogs. They raised me and taught me their skills. They taught me how to blink. I learned slowly but eventually I could blink just as well as the rest of them, if only for short periods of time. Afterward they tried to teach me how to fight. I could not fight like them, for I had no claws or sharp teeth. I had to teach myself how to fight and quickly; they expected me to start hunting with them. At first, I tried to use sticks and stones as weapons but they quickly stopped me. I was one of them; I would fight like them. It took me awhile to learn but I eventually taught myself how to fight with my hands.

Aqua blue eyes, long messy brown hair, 5’10”.

One day, we were hunting. We started to hear cries and screams. We quickly rushed over to where we heard the noise. Keeping in the shadows, we spotted a small group of bandits ravaging a small trading caravan. We knew we had to help. When we blinked in most of the bandits started to run. We killed the rest of them. There was only one survivor. We checked him for wounds, he had a broken leg. After checking for any more survivors, I picked him up and we started homeward. We couldn’t just leave him here to die. We got to our den and I tried to care for him. He spoke some strange language. As time went by we fed him and he taught me his language. It was hard at first but I slowly got the hang of it. He said it was English. As his leg got better, I got better at English. By the time his leg had finished healing I could speak fluently in English with only slight problems. When his leg was completely healed I asked him where he lived and he said he lived in Norbrecht. I agreed with my pack that I would go with him to Norbrecht, I was old enough to go out on my own now. It was time for me to go and create my own pack.


Nor Darkfox1317