A bard metro-gnome (get it?)


Abilities: Str 8, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 18;
AC: 17; HP: 30; Saves: Fort 12; Ref 16; Will 16;


Ulfgar Danrunn’s cohort.

Name(s): Boddynock Dimble Fonkin Gimble Glim Roondar Zeebosook Schirren Nilton Abard Dender Daburn Glillenbroach Chenakov Frodo Bilbo Pilt’ncrock Hobnobble Malotao Logmort(Logis Mortis) Pintpitcher Rimblegram Jackmarch Magicuritor Whizkii Skullskulk Doubletrick Hanido Shiplock Burrindergle Filknor Sparklegem Kevlbast Guillebeau Finiper … (his truename, of course, is twice as long).

Origin: Nor is not the origin of Abard; he’s a gnome: his origin is Fey (of course). Before being transported to Nor by mysterious, probably-supernatural means and getting his skin changed to a lovely, light-pastel-olive forest-camouflague green (which matches his barky-brown leather armor quite nicely) ::OOC okay, that’s enough of that :: he was a resident of Eberron (4.0). His current claim to fame is literally killing a hobgoblin with his words, and has bestowed upon himself the title of Logis Mortis, which has been (perhaps mockingly) shortened to Logmort. His other current claim to fame is that he can do anything, including things he’s never done before. His other current claim to fame is his originality and humor and humility and ability to BS anything to anyone with half a brain.

“Laws? You mean like what that guy Murphy instituted? Worst droll ever.” – Abard


Nor Beaumains