Ulfgar Danrunn

An aspiring dwarven defender


Abilities: Str 15, Con 20, Dex 13, Int 14, Wis 19, Cha 12; Str, Wis +1 at Level 4
AC: 39 (current max); HP: 71; Saves: Fort 26; Ref 18; Will 20;
Racial Traits: Stand Ground, Dwarven Resilience, Cast-Iron Stomach, +2 Dungeoneering & Endurance, +2 Craft (metal & stone), Darkvision, Encumbered Movement, Dwarven Weapon (urgrosh).
Class Features: Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Fighter Weapon Talent (1-hand).
Feats: Combat Expertise 1/2 lvl from Att to AC, Toughness +5hp/tier, Dodge +1 AC v. marked, Dwarven Weapon Training (dwarf) +2 dmg w/ axes & hammers, Dodge Giants (dwarf) +1 AC & Ref v. large or larger foes, Potent Challenge (ftr) +Con to Opp Att (Challenge) damage, Quick Draw +2 Init & draw weapon for free, Leadership (L4 cohort).

Combat Challenge: Marked foe takes -2 when attacking any target other than the fighter, and imposes an opportunity attack from the fighter to take any action other than attack him. This opportunity attack adds the fighter’s Wis to hit, and his Con to dmg; the marked foe is interrupted, and must stop.

Weapons, Armor, & Major Items:

  • +1 Thundering/mwk dwarven urgrosh
  • Torgar Hammerstriker’s Battleplate (augmented, +3 v. mind-affect)
  • mwk tower shield
  • warhammer
  • mwk crossbow
  • shortsword
  • Truestrike Gauntlets (1/day)
  • Periapt of Wisdom (+2)
  • Ring of Arming
  • Cloak of Resistance (+3)

Ulfgar has medium length hair and beard, brown of color, with the beard’s twin braids not quite long enough to tuck into his broad belt. His hard, dark eyes have a hint of color to them, and one of them bears a scar from cheek to brow – a flesh wound. The features of his face are roughly squarish, as is the base on which they rest, and the rest of his stature: broad and stocky.

Ulfgar is straightforward in manner but courteous (for a dwarf); he loves the art and science of battle and will readily discuss both tactics and technique. He sometimes talks with his hands, despite the rude manner ascribed by some of the palace courtiers. As a noble Ulfgar spent quite some time in the king’s castle, and some of his favorite memories involve his cousin Kilfnar: a captain when Ulfgar was but a lad; other memories are of stories related to him by Bromdar, a family servant. Ulfgar also has some military experience.

Ulfgar is the son of Tungar, son of Tordek, whose mother was Hilgrud, second sister to the King’s father.

Ulfgar Danrunn

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