Danrunn Mission Report: Day 6
Ships Storms and Prisons, Liches and some Giants

I disembarked one week after my arrival in Norbrecht with the adventurers: Luscious Lucius, Willaby Wilde, Ivan the monk, Estrella d’Arbit, and Featherfoot the raptoran. A bridge is out; we hired masons to rrepiuldt it. I am currently wary of Mr. Wilde: a skulk who, after a sahuagin skirmish, tried to surct one of their treasures: a stone emitting an array of colours; having agreed to divide all spoils evenly-he threw the stone into the sea; I have knot duturmihed to press charges; I am unimpressed with his usefulness as hell. The monk had left, but returned by magic as we neared Dechma Prison, the condition of which is abhorrent; all of the convicts have now escaped; most are seafood. One notable prisoner is free: Gregori Nachez. He timed a riot for the Momba caravan’s annual stop. The prison docks were empty when we found them. At the request of the chief magistrate of Momba House Norbrecht-a kyhdy man with a fine green cloak, I have notified them of this event separately. We departed the island with the Momba caravan and landed on the coast at Teln slaying a 5 giant band; 30 elves survived the attack; 3 saved from the wreckage. Any creature or corpse found with a gem in one of their eyes must be handled only by one of strong will; seal the gems in a lead box. I will send more information.

Signed: Ulfgar, son of Tungar, of the clan Danrunn, Tunnel Crew

A Questing We Will Go!

A Caravan of traveling entertainers and exotic goods vendors pulled into Norbrecht for a week of debauchery and moneymaking, bearing one of the mysterious figures! It turned out to be a winged female who chirps and twitters in some bird language, but doesn’t speak Common. However, her music doesn’t lose any of its effect—her tunes put a jaunty spring in the step of all who hear them. Her name, as indicated by her species, is Featherfoot.

Willaby Wylde decided that he liked stealing things, and so embarked on a tax-free life of crime until the local Thieves’ Guild decided to curb his rampant growth; they don’t take too well to outsiders stealing their share, as it were. However, Willaby’s persuasive tongue netted him a place amongst the thieves! (instead of a slit throat and a bath in the Gist Sea)

The Human discovered that her name was Estrella d’Arbit, and was informed by Wysharna that she was to be Wysharna’s champion on Nor. With a path established, Estrella immediately set about fulfilling her new Goddess’ wishes.

The ?Lawyer? consolidated his position in the Norbrecht Merchant’s Association by poisoning one of the caravan’s leaders and diverting the flow of cash back to the Merchants; he then promptly disobeyed his superior’s new orders and fled to the Thieves’ Guild with all the records. He is still unnamed, because his player is lazy.

A newly moniker’d monk by the name of Ivan decided that he would pursue the path of Righteousness and declared his intention to pursue nonviolence. In these troubled times, can he hold out? To fully invest himself with new powers, he must travel back to his monastery and swear this Vow before his master.

After several of these minor adventures, Estrella and Ivan teamed up with the winged Featherfoot for some zombie-killing action in the sewers of Norbrecht! Turns out there’s quite a problem with the little buggers, and the local version of garbage men can’t handle them. So they staunchly started into the upper level of the sewers after Ivan went and made some preparations.

After slaying a few of the shambling monsters in the usual way, they kicked down a door to find a horde of the zombies in a side passage! Here, Ivan unveiled his “preparations”, lighting a torch and spewing alcohol through it to create a horrendous blast of flame! Most of the crowd of undead was immolated on the spot, and the few left were dispatched with ease.

While they were fighting, Willaby Wylde failed to steal candy from a baby as part of his Thieves’ initiation, and was pursued by an angry mob until he dove down a sewer hole and discovered that zombies move much faster in the darkness. How did these awful things come to be?

Luckily for him, he was only a couple of corridors away from the well-prepared party of Ivan, Estrella, and Featherfoot, and so managed to survive until they sloshed up and defeated the remaining undead. It was then that the party discovered that the bones of the newly dead were tearing themselves free of the unliving flesh and floating down the sewage stream. After dispatching more roaming groups of the hissing, shambling zombies and giving a bite of ZombAway to Willaby, they found that the bones had assembled into a deadly Bone Golem! Ivan’s flaming attack proved useless, and Willaby’s short sword only cracked individual bones. The Golem targeted Ivan for some reason, beating the stuffing out of him before Estrella blasted it with beam after beam of golden light, finally destroying it enough that it fell back into its component bones.

Feeling quite accomplished with themselves, the party reported their success to the garbagemen’s overseer, an Aloisyuus Butts by name, who thanked them for their civic contribution.

Several questions remain unanswered: Where did the zombies come from? How did that Bone Golem come to be? and why is the ?Lawyer? such a douche?

Getting to Norbrecht
The story so far...

The Story so far— (Adventure the First, Part One: Introductions.)

Willaby Wilde, an Eladrin magi-cum-bartender whose house and parents were burned to the ground while he was away, came to the city seeking work; this new concept has begun to take its toll on the ne’er-do-well.

A Human raised by unwilling Elves came to the city without really knowing why; after having done so, though, she discovered a Calling.

A ?Lawyer? showed up in Norbrecht and was immediately given the finest of clothes, a cushy job, and a death threat.

A young monk, recently reunited with his parents in the city, has decided he wishes to become a merchant in order to learn the ways of the world.

A boy raised by Blink Dogs met up with a mage of some repute, who has taken him under his wing; they are on their way to Norbrecht.

A mysterious figure did mysterious things!

Another mysterious figure did even more mysterious things!

Who are these mysterious figures? Only their creators could say, because they’ve been lazy and haven’t finished a character description yet. :D

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