Tag: NPC


  • Joris Beltz the Innkeeper

    Joris Beltz is the owner and manager of [[The Green Glove Inn]]. He is renovating one of his rooms and could use some help. A mattress has to move out and a new one move in, but his back isn't what it used to be. He's got the money for the mattress and …

  • Jacob the Stonemason

    Jacob is well over six feet and easily weighs two hundred pounds. He's a genial, dark-haired man and has one love: stone. He's probably one of the best stonemasons in all of Nor, and he's currently on retainer for the Baron to craft a statue-fountain to …

  • John the Baker

    The man's got MILLIONS of loaves of bread. He doesn't know how it happened. He's distraught! He's got bread coming out of his ears! Won't you help this poor baker deal with all of this bread? He's sent a runner to put up a stall in the marketplace; if …

  • Rodchester the Clothier

    Rodchester runs a swank clothing store just off of the Market. He's a bit pompous, but he makes great clothes, and has a practiced eye for fitting them.

  • Ix the Blacksmith

    He's a [[Mar Dragonborn]], and labors with metal for his own reasons. Ix is a quiet, skillful male with patchy, scaly swirls of red and black. He walks with an awkward gait, but his arms are strong. He crafts custom-fit arms and armor, with an expert …

  • Baron

    The Baron is a jolly round man who is well liked by his populace. His lassez-faire method of ruling goes over quite well with this independent crowd. ([[Norbrecht|back to Norbrecht]])