Tag: Place


  • The Green Glove Inn

    is run by [[Joris Beltz the Innkeeper]]. The Inn is a three-story building, with a large open area downstairs and several rooms upstairs. The Green Glove Inn just got a new [[:willaby-wilde|bartender]]; he has gained a reputation for being able to mix …

  • Momba Menagerie

    [[Momba House]] maintains space in each major city with a selection of its finest creatures. These menageries hold nonsentient, trainable creatures of all kinds.

  • Wysharna Sanctum

    This stone tree apparently migrates around [[Norbrecht]] at random; the will of [[Wysharna]] is ineffable sometimes. This particular Sanctum is rife with rumors of a Favored Soul; however, no one seems to know anything, and these kinds of rumors have …

  • Shrine to Mult

    This building's flashy gold doors open onto a scene of opulence, with padded pews and robed priests. There are a few rooms off the main chamber that the priests live in, but Mult's shrines are very focused spaces.