Character Creation

Jontar: Welcome to Nor! Before you get into the game, I’m going to need you to choose a race and a class. Most of the races and classes will be referencing the 4th Edition Players Handbook and the 4th Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide, but some things will be different. If I’ve changed something from the standard template, I’ll make it obvious. I hope to have enough information up that when you decide to make a character, you can do it without the books.[/i]

So, the Races of Nor are diverse; choose what you feel like playing. The Eladrin retain their mystical aura and reclusive nature, but the Dwarves are no longer the simple fighters; they’re now among the social and political elite of Nor, as well as extremely capable fighters. Humans can be found in all walks of life, but Dragonborn are still mistrusted by the general populace; the racial memory of such destruction does not fade quickly.

The usual way of D&D is to choose a class, and get all the attendant benefits immediately… we’ll see. The Classes will not be listed, per se: A character advances a class level through gaining experience—usually through fulfillment of tasks for Organizations. There are wizarding guilds for those who seek arcane power, bands of thieves who’ll take anyone in for the right price, Fighting arenas for those in the mood for some bloodshed, and others: it’s all for you to explore, and see what you might like to become.

So consider your character. Is he/she tall? Short? Fat? Does he/she have long, lustrous hair, or does your bald dome gleam in the sunshine? What motivates your character? Do you want power? Money? Acceptance? Friends? Make up a backstory, as interesting or bleak as you like. Where is your character from? What were your parents like? Were you an orphan? Are you a member of the nobility? Put together something and message me, and if it works, your character can begin play in Nor.

Your character can have Skills as well. Choose wisely ;)

Character Creation

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