Proudly proclaiming they are “of the earth”, the Dwarves of Nor are just as comfortable aboveground as below.

Dwarves are hearty and wise, which well befits them as the social and political leaders of Nor. They see well, even in low light conditions, but require light to see in true darkness. Squat and stolid fellows all, the Dwarves move slower over long distances, but can move at top speed while carrying heavy loads.

Dwarven children are taught Dwarfish (the mercantile language of Nor) and Human. A Dwarf’s education is a peculiar thing. Dwarves learn how to explore and perservere through numerous trials (most of which take place in unstable tunnels); no one helps a Dwarf child, following the reasoning that any help would weaken the Dwarf in later life. This makes Dwarves very resilient indeed. Additionally, all Dwarves are trained with the warhammer, throwing hammer, and [pickaxe.

From a young age, Dwarves drink. They drink at social gatherings, at prayer (Kole’s clerics serve holy beer), and in general. This constant imbibing gives Dwarves a Cast-Iron Stomach, granting them a +5 bonus against poisons they ingest. As a second effect, this adjustment to unsteadiness has made most Dwarves very stable: A Dwarf doesn’t fall over from drinking until he (or she) is unconscious.

The Dwarves have a rigid social hierarchy, topped with the current King of Nor.

Nearly every King of Nor has been a dwarf; though most of the King’s Descendants may look related, they are not all related by blood. In the event that a King does not crown His successor, the Race Convention always crowns the successor it thinks will rule well.

Being so firmly in control of the reigns of Nor has made some Dwarves paranoid to threat, and others dismissive of challengers. A long lifespan (around 200 years) means that the Dwarven power structure is resistent to change, as well.

The Dwarves of Nor also are responsible for several Guilds:

The Stonesingers

The Merchant’s Association

The Sons of Kole

The Tunnel Crew


Nor Jontar