The Eladrin were, for many years, strongly involved in the workings and politics of Nor. (Here’s a little Eladrin History for you.) Now they are reclusive, preferring their insular, stratified society to the perils of the wider world.

Always just a little bit different than everyone else, the Eladrin see the world through eyes of magic. To some, it’s just a flash of color out of the corner of the eye; to others, the various spells of life unravel themselves with ease. (Eladrin Racial Powers—choose one.)

Eladrin are naturally resistant to some magics, Charm magic in particular. They’re also very graceful, fast, and intelligent.

Eladrin, because of their long involvement with the political workings of Nor, teach Common and High Elven to their children.

Extensive experience as students (the standard schooling length is 20 years) gives many Eladrin in-depth knowledge of magic and the histories of Nor . They have the option, through their school, of learning a particular skill (Most do.). Most Eladrin schools require fencing credits with the longsword in order to graduate, especially since they are still recovering from such a blow to their species.

(For the purposes of creature origin, Eladrin are considered Fey creatures.)

Lastly, rather than sleep, Eladrin trance.


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