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In the early days of Nor, there was peace; surcease from the onslaught of decades. The Art flourished, and the Roads were still traveled. That knowledge is lost to us, the descendants of those who came before. The bonds of alliance dissolved when the danger seemed past; now, the common races distrust each other and the Guilds quarrel endlessly.

(Notes about Nor’s money system.)

Dwarves and Humans both have social elite in the cities; the Elves claim not to “go” for politics, and no one’s returned alive from Raptoran territory in years. The Dragonborn have a peculiar social strata which only sort of relates to the rest of Nor’s.

There are four major cities in Nor, separated by terrain as by space.

Norheim—Crown Jewel of the West, capital city of Nor. The King of Nor holds court here.

Norbrecht—Northernmost city in Nor, and proud of it. Watched over by the Baron.

Normund—The Esne Council rule the bogs and swamps of Nor (in the King’s name) from this stilted city.

Norfeld—Sundered Crown of the East, once-capital city of Nor.

Other towns in Nor

Like Nor’s political surface, the Divine Hierarchy has also seen changes. The Gods and Goddesses are seeking new balances, both divine and mortal. Priests and Priestesses of all faiths roam city streets, seeking converts and clerics. (And of course, a Favored Soul would be a grand boon unto the God that had created it.)

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