Money in Nor

There are four basic units of money used in Nor. They are all currency mined and printed by the Dwarves. (Some wizards trade in magic, but bartering is occasionally acceptable elsewhere.)

An ‘Orlen’ is equivalent to a Platinum Piece. It’s not made out of platinum; it’s a shiny, naturally blue metal (after its been worked).

A ‘Knurl’ is a coin made of gold. ‘Nuff said.

A ‘Silva’ is made of silver.

A ‘Scrap’ is made of copper. Many disputes have since broken out over the meaning of “Let’s have a scrap.”

A night at an Inn in Norheim might cost anywhere from four silva (for a wooden plank and a dark room) to ten orlen (for a luxurious bed, bath, and any number of other things).

Money in Nor

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