The Raptorans are birds of the cliff. Their rookeries and twisting skeins of rock span all sorts of canyons and chasms in the southeast of Nor. They were included by Nor’s first King because he foresaw a great purpose for these intelligent avians. Every Raptoran is born with wings; until a Raptoran comes of age, though, the wings are purely ornamental (or perhaps useful for gliding and jumping).

Raptoran coming-of-age ceremonies are watched over by the Aven Guard: it is said that the only outsiders to ever see even a part of this secret ceremony were the Air Riders, and they were only allowed to watch the first portion.

Before a Raptoran can attempt the ceremony, he or she must go forth from the home city, exploring and living by their wits, making friends and guarding themselves as they deem appropriate. Since the Dragon Threat destroyed so many Raptorans, though, fewer are venturing from the safety of the nest. As a result, there are fewer Raptorans who can truly fly.

Raptorans are naturally graceful, a trait borne out by their ability to fly; they are also quite intelligent. Raptorans also always know where North is as long as they can feel the wind. Keen vision means they can see well in low light conditions. Growing up, Raptoran fledglings are taught Aven and Human languages and introduced to the footbow.

Raptorans live up to 100 years.


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