Welcome to Nor!

In ancient times, magic grew to be the rule of thumb, and of law. Wizards and Sorcerers alike declared themselves to be beholden only to themselves; and so, the finest of civilizations was tossed into disarray. Vast numbers of troops were destroyed with the flick of a wizard’s finger, and whole towns were sundered in the night. Other, darker forces began taking advantage of the fighting. Perhaps the Dwarves still remember the names of the combatants: all that is left is Nor. The legends tell us of a great King, the first King of Nor, who saved this land from the chaos all about, sealing it away from the indemnities and the naked hatred of the battle-mad and the power hungry.

It has been three hundred and fifty years since that day.

The Kingdom of Nor has seen both war and peace—from the Dragons that so suddenly descended upon Nor, to the coming of the Dragonborn—as well as its share of madness. The currently reigning King of Nor is the fourteenth King, named Brod Jhalfsen; Though he has tried to right many wrongs, Nor is smack in the middle of some very dark times.

So, take a look at your wiki. There is some background info there. Bear in mind, some of the pages will look unfinished or decidedly vague: this is purposeful. Most (if not all) of the NPCs and organizations you come across will either want or need your assistance at some time during your stay in Nor.

You might even have to save the world.


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